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Diferior has been discontinued

After three years of silence I have decided to make it official, that, unfortunately, Diferior is officially dead and will no longer be maintained.

The reason being is that while it amassed a great community and I am still very proud to have initiated something as influential as this, I simply no longer have the time to continue working on it.
When I started the project, I was seventeen - so I was able to justify donating a chunk of my free time while expecting nothing in return. Nowadays, I spend all my time working on my startup, so I can no longer actively participate in this project.

I would like to extend my thanks to everybody who supported and believed in the project, to the few donors that contributed financially and to all Diferior users, who, even to this day, continue to use the CMS. It's been a pleasure. Honestly.

P.S. While the Diferior, as it stands currently, has been discontinued, I would still love to contribute to the open-source community in the future. I do have a few ideas and you should follow me on twitter to be one of the first people to find out what they are.

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Method (Chatterbox) @ 11 07 07 - 09:13:18
This had such great potential.
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