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Diferior BETA 1 released

First public beta release


I proudly present you the result of many sleepless nights and countless caffeine injections - first ever public Diferior BETA.

You might want to skip straight to downloads:

Perhaps the best way to explain Diferior is through it's name. 'Diferior' is a mix of two words - different and superior. And that's basically what it is. It's different and therefore superior. It's superior, but in a different way.

Diferior's distinction comes from it's approach to the problem. It's not attempting to one-up or imitate a well-established CMS. Instead, Diferior targets a quite uncrowded, but vast, niche.

Diferior does what it does really well - interesting mashup of seemingly unrelated functionality delivers a remarkable user-experience.

You can read more about it here: What's Diferior and Functions and features.

I plan to further develop the CMS by relying on community suggestions and support. What functionality would you like to see in the next release? Let me know.

This is a beta version and you might run into some bugs while using it. Think you found one? Help me out by reporting it.

Managed to get Diferior running? Let me know how you like it here.


TorrentFreak wrote about us! Go take a look!
Diferior was also mentioned on P2PNet ;)

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