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ZigmunD (Junior member) @ 09 03 11 - 14:46:48
I decidet to open tracker and searched for good, feature-rich tracker for a long time.
After thousands of manuals / docs / forums/ etc I choosed xbt as tracker because it is the best for high perfermance tracker. Unfortunately I didn't find good frontends for xbt. :-(

I bang against Diferior three days ago and tried to install. I found that Diferior is simple to install and good-looking CMS with torrent-tracker functions. But I'm afraid that it is not what I'm looking for because of many bugs and so few tracker features. Tried to fix some bugs and make some tracker features... but at last I decidet remake one of the popular php-tracker to work with xbt.

I think that Diferior it good CMS for small site with tracker-functions, but not for big tracker. Sorry for my words, will see Diferior in word in a time. :-)

Good luck, UnrealX. :-)

PS. I have some bug fixes and results with integrating TinyMCE in Diferior, hope will have enough time to contribute all.
PPS. Sorry for my english, I'm translating with dictionary.
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UnrealX (Lead code monkey) @ 09 03 12 - 08:37:24
Could you summarize the bugs real quick?
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clark40 (Junior member) @ 11 02 08 - 10:57:28
I've tried, unfortunately without success ... but I think I've find the problem, its because the post.tpl.php page is provided by differents links like „edit“ or „post“, and this is why it does not work, the inclusion of the page in others should cause some bug. And I think this problem cannot be resolved easily ...

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william.smith61 (Member) @ 11 05 04 - 20:36:19
Menu can be completely redesigned by changing CSS. However that might impact the rest of the template (as it's 100% css-based), so more changes might be needed. Navigation Screen
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ivy00135 (Immortal) @ 11 11 07 - 10:50:13