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Method (Chatterbox) @ 10 08 17 - 12:23:09
In an effort to show that Diferior hasn't been forgotten, (At least not by me :P) I'm re-adding my Transverse and Black Glass themes. Unfortunately I no longer have either. The site that hosted them hadn't been updated in quite a long time and therefore I lost both themes. If anyone has downloaded either of them, please upload them some where so I can make this process quick. If someone has, and I get my hands on one, I'll be going through it and making sure it's exactly how it should be (no theme errors or anything).

Otherwise, I'll be starting over from scratch and this thread will serve as a, whats the word, roadmap?

I'll post here once I've got something to show you all :)
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khakhi (Member) @ 11 06 22 - 06:12:55
One thing I recall w/ Black Widows is that they came w/ an X-member frame as well. This was to cut down on torsional twist in the frame. The shit from a convertible car. I have been fascinated w/ Black Widows since i was 8 yrs old, had a guy in our car club that was a wealth of info on 'em!

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khakhi (Member) @ 11 06 22 - 06:13:33
Chevrolet hired a couple of motor coach companies to produce a limited number of airport limos in 1957, the front and rear suspensions and six lug configurations that was utilized on the limos, was used on the Black Widows. The parts were not from Chevy trucks. The „widow“ utilized the parts from the limo which could be easily purchased over the counter at any Chevy dealership in that era. The large fuel tank was from a 57 Chevrolet Taxi and the ceramic brake shoes were commom the the Black Widow. You can clone a 150 sedan pretty easily, but some of the one-off pieces would be impossible to find.

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ivy00135 (Immortal) @ 11 11 07 - 09:56:46