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What's Diferior?

What's Diferior?


Diferior is a flexible, customizable, both user and developer-friendly open-source, multi-purpose PHP content management system.

Some highlights:
* Blogging system
* Attachments
* BBcode, smilies
* Torrent tracker frontend
* Both private and public torrent tracker support
* HTTP/FTP link downloads
* User-submitted downloads
* User management with e-mail validation, captcha anti-spam protection
* User profiles
* User preferences
* Easy to use admin interface
* Template support
* Multilanguage support
* Caching
* Plugin support
* Forums
* RSS feeds

And that's just a brief overview of Diferior's core features.

First Diferior public beta will go live tomorrow (December 14th).

Comments are welcome, but please post in english and stick to the topic.

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